Friday, August 5, 2011

Welcome to Burlesque

Burlesque... a dream come true if you have a passion for music, dance and pretty costumes =D
So there's this movie I watched a while ago and I toughed that you may like it if you like Christina Aguilera and Cher :)

Ali Rose is a young small-town waitress from Iowa with an exceptionally strong voice. In order to escape her poverty, she quits her job and moves to Los Angeles.
After a fruitless day of searching for jobs, she happens upon a burlesque bar and becomes enthralled with the whole concept. Ali meets the friendly bartender Jack  and offers to waitress because she knows this is where she belongs. She tries to persuade the owner, Tess , to let her go on stage, but Tess won't hear her out.

Tess auditions dancers to replace newly pregnant Georgia . Ali auditions and Tess hires her. One night, Nikki the most famous dancer in this bar, gets drunk and is not allowed to perform by Tess, so Ali takes her place. Nikki cuts the music out of jealousy, causing the dancers to be unable to lip-sync to the songs...
If you wanna know the final, just watch the movie ;)

Here are the main roles:
Christina Aguilera as Ali Rose
Cher as Tess
Eric Dane as Marcus Gerber
Cam Gigandet as Jack Miller
Julianne Hough as Georgia
Alan Cumming as Alexis
Peter Gallagher as Vince Scali
Kristen Bell as Nikki

Here's a live performance of "Show me how you Burlesque" on "Dancing with the Stars"
Tell me what you think about the movie :)

That's it, Luuv Nicole <3

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