Thursday, August 4, 2011

Flora, Floral and Flowers

Many of you may know that floral patterns are in this year, so I wanna show you how in they are. I've found images with floral patterns on shoes, t-shirts, skirts, dresses, swimsuits,bags, wallpapers, leggings, phones and even nails :)

Here are some pics, enjoy ;)

As you may noticed there are a lot of different patterns and materials so when you wanna buy something floral it's a hard choice if the issue is the pattern =D
And now celebrities wearing floral :)

Taylor Swift

Demi Lovato
Ariana Grande

Carmen Electra
Selena Gomez
Vanessa Hudgens

Emma Watson

Jessica Alba

Jessica Biel
Miley Cyrus

I think that's enough so have a wonderful day/night ;)

Luuv, Nicole

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  1. Beautiful floral clothes! :))